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The Sigerist Circle is a group of medical historians, scholars in related fields and others interested in the history of health, health care and the biomedical sciences, who give special attention to the issues of class, race and gender, and/or use Marxist, feminist and related critical methodologies in the analysis of medical history. 

Its principal activities are: an annual meeting (adjacent to the annual meeting of the American Association for the History of Medicine), a newsletter (two issues a year), a bibliography (printed with the newsletter), a brief news update (published two or three times a year), participation in contemporary political affairs, mutual assistance and intellectual stimulation. 

Annual membership dues are $15 (regular) and $5 (for students and low-income persons). Additional contributions are most welcome as the income anticipated from dues falls far short of expenses, particularly those for printing and mailing our newsletter and bibliography. If you are making an additional contribution and want this additional amount to be tax-deductible, make your check payable to ISMCH/Sigerist. 

You can print out the following form, and send in your membership.

To the Sigerist Circle: 

Enclosed is a check for $______, of which $______ is my 2024 dues and $______ is a contribution. 
(Make your check for dues payable to the Sigerist Circle.) 

My listing should be as follows: 

Name__________________________________ Phone number (s)__________________________ 



City_____________________________ State/Province_____________________ Zip__________ 

Fax number____________________________ E-Mail address_____________________________________

Use the reverse of this form for comments, suggestions, or requests for additional information about the Sigerist
Circle and its activities. 

Return to : Beatrix Hoffman, 63 Nicholson Street, Rochester, NY 14620


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